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I am very grateful to have found New Realm Acupuncture Center, GAO and Jing. Acupuncture has helped me to overcome several health problems among which is a TMJ disorder that has bothered me for 30 years. Many of my symptoms such as headaches and jaw pain have disappeared. I also have muscle spasm on the right side of my face. The acupuncture has reduced the spasms by about 75% and with time I am now hopeful that I will be free from them.

Besides TMJ, I had been suffering from very painful sinusitis for several months that would not go away. As soon as the first needle was inserted, I felt relief. I kept coming back and as a result for the first time in my life I had no allergy symptoms this past spring.

The acupuncture has helped with joint pain, headaches, back pain and stress for me. I have been going through a very stressful time and do not know how I would have succeeded it without the help of GAO and Jing.

The Acupuncture is not painful, and best of all, requires no drug therapy. It is very very good medicine.

Beth Vogel