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Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Patient to Patient

Welcome to your adventure in acupuncture.

We each have come to New Realm Acupuncture with a specific problem – pain from an accident or injury, limitations of our physical abilities, or a specific medical problem tha has not responded well to traditional American medicine.

Our expectations have been shaped by our culture’s instant gratification … hungry? Solution: fast food. Headache? Solution: pop a pill.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats not just the specific problem, but if permitted, will treat the entire person in ways that are nothing short of miraculous.

I came to New Realm Acupuncture using a cane. When I walked, it was slow, painful, and I was looking at the ground. I had to lift my head to see straight in front of me. I was taking a narcotic 4 times a day, blood pressure medicine, a muscle relaxant 4 times a day, and an anti – inflammatory. The side effects were many: mental fog, tiredness, lack of energy, inability to focus and still and always the PAIN.

I started with acupuncture 3 times a week, then twice a week, then weekly, then every three weeks.

It took time, sometimes it felt as if nothing was happening, but gradually the PAIN became pain, always became sometimes, then seldom, then only if I over stressed.

Today, less than a year later, I do not use a cane. I walk normally and even rapidly if I choose. I have good posture. I do not take a narcotic. I do not take blood pressure medicine or muscle relaxants. I take an anti-inflammatory only if I overstress. I am alert and I can focus. I can walk to the back of a store, I can skip for hours if I want and I can enjoy. I walk several miles a day. I garden. I crawl around in the dirt. I exercise. And, did I mention? I have been and continue to lose weight. By the way, I am not 25 or 30 years old. I am 65.

People who have not seen me for several months are amazed. They say I look younger. I smile and tell the truth. The benefits of acupuncture can be many and life changing.

I cannot thank New Realm Acupuncture, Dr. Gao, and my wonderful friend and guide for my acupuncture adventure, Jing enough.

I am sure that you are thinking I am finished with my treatments. I am not. Ongoing periodic treatments are not just maintenance but continue to provide unexpected benefits. My hair was starting to thin- now it is thick and full; the dark circles under my eyes that I have had since childhood – are starting to fade and are no longer visible in a photo.

Enjoy your adventure. Reap the benefits of acupuncture.

There are no words big and bold and rich enough to express my gratitude to New Realm Acupuncture, Dr. Gao, and my wonderful guide and friend, Dr. Jing Xiao.

Judy Bame

Pain Relief

Dear Jing,

I just wanted to thank you, again, for helping me move beyond the intense pain I felt when I developed shingles this past summer.

I had excruciating nerve pain in my leg, and because of something I read on a website, I decided to try acupuncture.

After my second treatment with you, I felt a huge improvement in my leg. The neuropathic pain had diminished significantly. After a handful of treatments, including one with Xuguang, all of my pain disappeared completely.

I am 100 percent positive that it was the acupuncture treatments that brought me back to good health.

I am very grateful. Thank you!

Athens, Ohio

Julie M. Elman