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Before I came to New Realm Acupuncture, I had a lot of troubles. My legs were Numb below my knees, the Caves of my legs were very stiff and hard, the bottom of my feet “tingled” like Pins and Needles all the time, and my Nose ran almost continuously each morning and during meals. I am unable to write “Right Handed” without holding the pencil with my left hand to stabilize my pencil.

After the first 5 visits, my legs have felt much better. The Pins and Needles in the bottom of my feet has reduced to about 50%, but more treatments are needed. I have more control over my legs now, the numbness has been reduced too but again, more treatments are needed. My legs are NOT as stiff and the caves are not as hard as they were.

My Nose “dripping” has been reduced by at least 50% and it’s a good feeling.

Eugene Given