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Gynecologic Disease

Gynecologic Disease

By JoAnn Codrea

I had been seeing Dr. Gao and Jing regularly; receiving acupuncture for muscle and joint pain and moxibustion for sinus and allergy relief. I had experienced symptoms of stress urinary incontinence for years and was looking for help to correct this. I mentioned to them that I would be having surgery soon to correct what medical doctors term pelvic organ prolapse: rectocele, cystocele, and uterine prolapse. This surgery was also going to include removal of my uterus. Dr. Gao and Jing asked me if I would like them to treat me for this problem, something that I had no idea that acupuncture could help. After several treatments, I was amazed that my internal muscles were strengthened and my problem was corrected.

I am writing this testimonial a year after my treatment and still doing well. I did not need surgery. I have not experienced any problems since my treatment. I am just thankful that I mentioned this to New Realm Acupuncture because I never would have imagined that acupuncture treatments could help in this way.

JoAnn Codrea