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Fibromyalgia – From Health Practitioners


By Diann Casagrande (Registered Nurse)

I have fribromyalgis. My symptoms are worse in the fall and winter months. I started getting acupuncture from New Realm Acupuncture in November, 2003. after several treatments over 3 months, I felt so good, that by March, I was pretty much pain-free. I really thought that I was done with the pain for good. Unfortunately, my pain did not stay away forever. I realize that this disease will always be with me, but acupuncture remains a major player in controlling my pain and keeping me functioning as a full time nurse, wife, and mother.

As a health care provider I am often asked about alternative medicine practices. I think that acupuncture definitely has a place for the management of pain as well as improving other symptoms related to many different illnesses. With acupuncture, I no longer use medication. In order to keep my symptoms at a minimum; exercise, eating a balanced diet, positive thinking, and intermittent acupuncture treatments are all part of my continuing plan for staying well and pain-free.

Thanks, Dr Gao and Jing for all the compassion, listening, and caring that I receive along with my acupuncture treatment every time that I visit!



Diann Casagrande (Registered Nurse)