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Car Accident

Car Accident

Hi, my name is Hui. If you are looking for a Chinese treatment of acupuncture, I am highly recommending you to New Realm Acupuncture Center. I only had several treatments so far, and I feel great and comfortable after each treatment. I never know how powerful of those thin needles, which amazed me after each treatment. Of course the needle can not do anything itself without their professional skills.

I had a car accident on April, and that is the reason brought me to New Realm. I went to so many western doctors, and they all told me to eat pain killer without finding the real problem of my headache and breathing problem. I feel great after my first exam with GAO and Jing, because they are really try and work hard to help me with my health and problems.

If this is your first time, I believe you will be very nervous. That is ok, because I was like that too. Since the needles are so thin, the treatment feels like mosquito bit. A key word for you—“relax.” Just enjoy the treatment as you enjoy your Sunday SPA.