What makes New Realm Acupuncture Center outstanding?

  • We are well-trained. Most acupuncturists in U.S.A had 3 years training in America. Some physicians and chiropractors start to do acupuncture after only a few months of training. The acupuncturists at New Realm have 5 years of university training in China plus apprenticeships with world famous acupuncturists: Prof. Yang Jie Bing, Huang Xian Ming, and Chen Chao Zu. We provide the most authentic Chinese acupuncture in Ohio. We are good at what we do.
  • We care about you from deep in our hearts. We care about you and your health. We use our time and hearts to get to know you and to provide the best treatment for you. We are dedicated to balancing your whole body and improving both your physical and mental health.