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I came to New Realm Acupuncture to treat sciatica. My Doctor told me to stay off my leg and wanted me to take anti-inflammatory pills. He said it could take months or even surgery to get rid of the pain and regain normal movement. I saw a patient being treated for sciatica with acupuncture on my favorite TV show and did some research on the internet. This is how I found New Realm. Their website is incredibly informative. It explains from start to finish how acupuncture works and about New Realm Acupuncture’s experience so I decided to give it a try.

I was nervous on my first visit as needles are not my favorite however, I was pleasantly surprised. You are always welcomed warmly into the office and everything that will happen is explained to you. New Realm Acupuncture will ask how the pain is and will apply pressure to certain areas. Once New Realm Acupuncture decides where to place the needles your job is to relax. For me it is my time away from everything in my busy life. He will insert the needles, which does not feel how you would expect. The needles are very small and you get a feeling of pressure when they are inserted. Almost like a finger is pressing on that spot.

From this point on relaxing is your job. It feels as though an electric current is going through my leg. It is an invigorating feeling that is relaxing at the same time. New Realm Acupuncture comes in to “turn” the needles every few minutes and to check on you. As the needles are “turned” you feel more of a pressure on that point. Overall the only pain I ever felt was from my leg and not from a needle.

Once it is time for the needles to be removed New Realm Acupuncture will explain what is happening. When all the needles are out of your body he will let you know. At that point you get ready to leave the office. On your way out they will again check on you to see how you are feeling. After scheduling your next appointment you are on your way. Once I leave the office I tend to get the feeling of the current going through my leg anytime I am lying down. It is a relaxing feeling and I can tell the pain is lessening.

The pain in my leg has decreased by about 90% at this point and I have been to New Realm for 5 treatments. I will be continuing to see New Realm Acupuncture for now. They go out of their way to take care of you by checking on you and reminder calls for appointments. They are a very caring, professional office and I would recommend them to anyone seeking acupuncture treatment.

Megan Black


I started coming to New Realm Acupuncture in November of 2004. I had already visited my chiropractor several times for a sciatica nerve problem in my leg. I had been in extreme pain for about six weeks. My chiropractor admitted she could not help.

At the advice of a friend I started regular visits with New Realm Acupuncture. After the first visit there was such an improvement I could not figure out why my leg felt so different. On the drive home I realized a lot of the pain was gone. After three treatments the sciatica nerve problem was almost completely corrected.

I continue to come to New Realm Acupuncture on a regular basis, every two to three weeks. He continues to treat me for lower back problems and extreme stress. I have found the more stressful my work environment is, the more issues I have with lower back problems. By continuing to have treatments, my stress level and lower back problems have been greatly improved.

Darlene Gress


Several weeks ago, I made an appointment at New Realm Acupuncture Center for my pain. I had constant pain in my groin, hip and back. After approximately seven visits, my pain was completely gone. I am now able to move and walk without the pain at all. I am able to enjoy doing the things that I was not able to do before.

I want to thank everyone at New Realm. I was treated very well by you and enjoyed my visits. You made me feel very comfortable.

Thank you!

Joe Guinther