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All started five years ago when my son was born I began having constipation and insomnia problems. Like many others I visited several Doctors from general to specialists. Every single one performed multiple tests and studies on me and unfortunately none of them were able to find a cure or even a reason for my symptoms. It wasn’t until I decided to try a holistic approach that finally got my answer to all my health problems. I looked for the best acupuncturist in Columbus area and I found the New Realm.

Since my first session with Jing I began to feel immediate relieve to all my symptoms, week after week I was getting better. After 2 months, give and take, I can tell I’m completely cure with no health problems whatsoever, my chronic constipation is completely gone, I sleep like a baby and my general health and energy is back. I am 36 years old and health is now like a 20 year old now. I will be forever grateful to New Realm and all the wonderful staff and Doctors. Thank you.


By Jamie Stewart

I have never liked needles or getting shots…
My aunt told me about New Realm Acupuncture Center and I thought okay I will try it. Now my neck pain is gone and I can sleep at night. I would and do recommend New Realm to my friend and family.

Jamie Stewart


By Blanca Lugo

For More Than 20 Years, I had been suffering from insomnia, and my condition got worse in the past 1 year. My average sleep hour was between 1 to 3 hours daily with prescription pills for insomnia and anxiety. But in the morning I still felt tired, irritate because of lack of sleep, and every nigh before bed I had anxiety attack just to think that I won’t be able to sleep.

About 3 weeks ago my primary Doctor refer me to the Sleeping disorder clinic, I stayed over night. They also refer me to Psychologist to treat my conditions, and nothing worked.

Then I decided to try acupuncture, and after the first treatment there was little difference, but after the third treatment I noticed an incredible improvement in my condition, I have not had a sleeping pill since then.

I highly recommend New Realm Acupuncture for any person that has insomnia problems.

April 29, 2005

Blanca Lugo


By Brad Brewer

I was in a particularly stressful time in my life and found that the stress and anxiety I was experiencing was taking a physical toll on me. I was only able to sleep a couple of hours each night because there was so much on my mind. The worry of whether or not I’d be able to sleep at night added to the vicious cycle I was experiencing. I dearly missed the restful sleeps I used to have. Wanting to avoid pills, I contacted New Realm Acupuncture Center. I found Dr. GAO and Jing to be caring and professional. I am confident that the treatments I received helped restore my sleep and alleviate my anxiety and stress.

My sincere thanks to Dr. GAO and Jing,

Brad Brewer