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Immune Disorder

By Christina Nyirate, PhD. R.N.

I have a serious auto-immune disorder that affects my retina, skin and nervous system. The western doctors have treated me with steroids and immune-suppressant medicine. I have had tremendous pain and loss of sensation in my hands and feet.

Dr. Lu an Asian Doctor where I work, suggested I go to New Realm. I was afraid to come to acupuncture! I knew nothing about it! But I found great comfort in Gao and Jing’s kindness and professionalism. Soon I was coming for twice weekly, and now weekly treatments. I am feeling much better! My overall energy is improved significantly and my pain and ability to walk are improving as well. Moreover, both Gao and Jing provide such a gentle, healing touch, along with a serene environment. I highly recommend New Realm Acupuncture Center!

Christina Nyirate, PhD. R.N.

Christina Nyirate, PhD. R.N.