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Digestive Dysfunction

Digestive Dysfunction (Nausea)

By Betty Orr – Marion, Ohio

After a near fatal auto accident, I was left with constant chronic nausea and anxiety for over 6 months. Traditional Doctors put me thru every expensive test and medications they could think of with no improvement. I was in the emergency room in two hospitals 5 times and admitted twice for 7 days each, I kept getting worse and losing weight to the point I didn’t want to be seen. My medical Doctor told me he had no idea what more to do and when I told him I was going to try acupuncture he said “go for it”.

I had completely lost my appetite and felt full all the time everyone was trying to get me to eat, especially my husband he begged me to try to eat even a little. They kept telling me my body would not function. One medical doctor told me he would have to put in a feeding tube. I certainly didn’t want that. I was trying to force myself to eat a few bites each day. I was so weak all I wanted to do was sleep. I was confined to the house only for Dr.’s appointments and tests. The whole summer lost.

My husband heard on TV about acupuncture helping with nausea and anxiety, and made an appointment for me with New Realm Acupuncture. I was not worried if the treatments would hurt as I felt so bad but surprisingly it was practically painless. This is the first thing people ask me.

When Xuguang told me he would do four treatments and if I was not 50 percent better would do no more. It sounded so encouraging to me. After the first treatment I felt good enough to stop at a restaurant and eat part of a meal. After 4 treatments I was at least 80 percent better. I was amazed at how good I felt and no one could believe how much better I was, even the medical doctor was surprised.

It was so amazing that I felt so good in such a short time when I had suffered so long. Acupuncture treatment also helps relieve anxiety and energizes and promotes general healing. I now feel 100% better and am back to feel even better than I did before the accident. My husband tells me nearly everyday how happy he is that I feel so good.

Xuguang and Jing have literally given me back my life and I can’t thank them enough. They and acupuncture will be my first choice when I have anything wrong again.

Betty Orr