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Infertility – From Health Practitioner


By Lucia Gerstmann (DDS)

I came to New Realm Acupuncture Center very desperate after almost one year of trying to have a baby. I knew very little about acupuncture and was skeptical, but I read many accounts of people who had success conceiving with the help of acupuncture, and I was willing to try anything. I was made to feel so comfortable by New Realm Acupuncture and everyone here, they made each appointment easy and they helped me relax. After only one month of treatment with acupuncture, my dreams came true and I found out that I was pregnant! I truly believe that the acupuncture helped me finally get pregnant. If you have any doubts about acupuncture, you should give it a try, it can only help you.

Thank you to everyone at New Realm.

Lucia Gerstmann (DDS)

Immune Disorder – From Health Practitioner

Immune Disorder

By Christina Nyirate, PhD. R.N.

I have a serious auto-immune disorder that affects my retina, skin and nervous system. The western doctors have treated me with steroids and immune-suppressant medicine. I have had tremendous pain and loss of sensation in my hands and feet.

Dr. Lu an Asian Doctor where I work, suggested I go to New Realm. I was afraid to come to acupuncture! I knew nothing about it! But I found great comfort in Gao and Jing’s kindness and professionalism. Soon I was coming for twice weekly, and now weekly treatments. I am feeling much better! My overall energy is improved significantly and my pain and ability to walk are improving as well. Moreover, both Gao and Jing provide such a gentle, healing touch, along with a serene environment. I highly recommend New Realm Acupuncture Center!

Christina Nyirate, PhD. R.N.

Christina Nyirate, PhD. R.N.

Sinusitis – From Health Practitioner


After moving to Columbus, I learned of its reputation of sinusitis capital of the U.S. I began to have all the symptoms (pressure, headache, fatigue). I had antibiotics, steroids and surgery without any better. Then I decided to try acupuncture.

As a physician, I am familiar with its use in the treatment of muscular skeletal conditions. But New Realm Acupuncture assured me via email that they had more than 90% success rate for sinus problems. They indicated that it might take 4 sessions to feel difference. Although I did not quite believe what they said at very begin, I still decided to give it a try.

After the first treatment there was little difference. But following the second treatment I noticed a dramatic improvement in my symptoms!

I have also referred my wife for treatment of her shoulder pain (which helped).

I now come for treatment before the sinus symptoms get too severe.

For patients with sinus problems, I highly recommend a trial of acupuncture with New Realm Acupuncture.

Robert Cooper (Medical Doctor)


The Best Thing that ever happened to me

I am 57 years old with a history of physical injuries and poor health. Sinus infections have been a significant problem for the past 40 years. Despite frequent applications of irrigation, medication, and rest, I became bedridden ill four times a year.

New Realm Acupuncture Center came to my rescue on December 18, 2004. With the first treatment my sinuses cleared completely. I have not had a medication for a sinus infection through my customary worst season. Breathing improved as air passages cleared up. Sleeping was much better and now I have more energy. I have not had a day off due to illness since treatment started (I did play hooky once).

The care that I received at New Realm Acupuncture Center is proactive as well as remedial. I am able to do more things and I am even kind to my wife. I went shopping with her and had a good time. I am able to exercise five times per week and not die.

New Realm Acupuncture Center is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Dennis Huelsman (Psychologist)

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

How could a few needles strategically placed, along with a heating lamp make such a difference in ones life? I can not tell you that, except that it works!!!

I have pain from arthritis in my neck, back and hands, I have been on all sorts of medicine. I could not handle the side effects and didn’t want to be searching any more.

A friend kept telling me about New Realm Acupuncture and how wonderful acupuncture was. I noticed how much improved my friend was feeling and looking, so I gave New Realm a call. That was over a year ago. I can not believe that it took me so long to make that call! I have been medicine free ever since and feeling so much better.

New Realm Acupuncture has also helped me in my weight loss, I have lost over 40 lbs! My appetite is far less and I have so much more energy.

I can not say enough wonderful things about acupuncture, thanks Dr. Gao and Jing!!!

T Clark, Bellville, Ohio

Weight Loss

I went to New Realm Acupuncture for weight control and severe pain in my knees & legs. After the first treatment the pain was gone in my legs. I lost 31 pounds in one and half month and my appetite is reduced a lot. My knees are a lot better. I can go upstairs right now without pain. I recommend Dr. GAO and his wife to everyone. They are very nice to patients. And the needles are not painful; you don’t feel the needles go in.

Bea Flood

Voice Disease

Voice Disease

I am a professional, classical singer, who recently was diagnosed with partial paralysis of my left vocal cord, due to a viral infection. This condition can be devastating to a person in my business. The symptoms include severe laryngitis, which can last anywhere from six months to a year, or longer. I am convinced that my treatment at New Realm Acupuncture has significantly shortened my rehabilitation period, as medical tests (done with laryngoscope) have clearly shown rapid and dramatic improvement in the function of the vocal cord. My otolaryngologist has in fact told me that I am “lucky,” and that, based on my quick progress; I can expect 100% recovery from my condition, with continued therapy. I would recommend Chinese acupuncture and acupressure to any voice professional in need of healing therapy. It is painless, very effective, and a wise investment of time and money.

Susan Millard Schwarz

Vision Problems

Vision Problems

I came to New Realm Acupuncture Center after I was told by a retina specialist that there was nothing anyone could do to resolve the centra serous retimopathy (CSR) condition I was experiencing in my left eye. I can not say enough great things about acupuncture are the numerous benefits. Not only has my eye condition improved, despite having some the fluid still present, I have also experienced decreased fatigue, stress and anxiety. I continue to this day with acupuncture treatments and plan to make it part of my life.

I recommend New Realm Acupuncture Center to anyone in need of alternative treatments!

Rosemary Collins Simpson

Thyroid Problem

Thyroid Problem

New Realm Acupuncture (NRA) was recommended to me by a co-worker. For a while I was very skeptical about acupuncture. I finally got enough courage to try NRA because I did not want to take medications for the rest of my life.

My doctor and also an endocrinologist had diagnosed me with possible hyperthyroidism and had mentioned that I may have to take medications. Simultaneously my husband and I were trying to have another child which made it a little more difficult for us to conceive because of the imbalance hormones. Within 5 to 6 weeks of going to New Realm Acupuncture Center my thyroid (via blood tests) were normal and I was pregnant.

Its been over a year since my initial visit to New Realm and I am a firm believer of acupuncture as I visit New Realm Acupuncture for various heath concerns.

Caroline Ma

Thyroid Problem

I had experience with acupuncture before, so when the doctors were telling me I had cancerous nodules on my thyroid I immediately decided to try alternative treatment first. The statistics were low that the nodules actually would be cancer and I wanted to see if I could reduce the size or make them completely dissolve before having surgery to have my right lobe removed or possibly my entire thyroid. Removal of part or all of the thyroid requires medicine indefinitely. I searched in the yellow pages for an acupuncturist and New Realm was the first place I called. I consider myself lucky to have found a good acupuncturist.

After six weeks of acupuncture treatments, yoga, meditation, visualization and adopting a vegetarian diet, the size of the nodules reduced by half. I am on the right path and I feel with Dr. Gao and Jing’s help I will not lose my thyroid and my overall well being will be considerably better. Many thanks to them for their knowledge and compassion in dealing with me as a whole person and not just a symptom that walked through the door.


Jodi Schmidt