Sticking It To The Pain
Chinese doctor introduces New Realm of medicine to Columbus.  An unlikely link between Eastern and Western medicine was James Reston – a journalist covering President Richard Nixon’s historic meeting with Chairman Mao Zedong in Beijing 1971…. click here for more on this story!

Acupuncture for Smoking Cessation
Article Summary: Acupuncture has been recognized in clinical trials which are capable of assisting the strongly motivated smokers to quit their smoking habits. It was reported in The American Journal of Medicine and internationally published articles that acupuncture has demonstrated itself to be a new and effective treatment for smoking cessation, which induced aversion for tobacco smoke and a sharply diminished desire to smoke. Read the entire article here!

Setting the Mountain on Fire
Article Summary: Setting the Mountain on Fire (Called “ShaoShanHuo” in Chinese) is the most important reinforcing acupuncture technique for treating deficiency-cold diseases in ancient times, even though it still has remarkable effect in modern clinical practicing. Through certain special manipulating procedures on the needle, the technique of Setting the Mountain on Fire can produce warm sensation (Yang Qi) in related areas to reinforce the Yang of body and relieve the deficiency-cold symptoms rapidly. Read the entire article here!

The Pain Is Gone
One Central Ohio man thought he’d never walk again. He was bound to a wheelchair for three months and traditional doctors had no idea what the cause was. As a last resort he scheduled a visit at New Realm Acupuncture Center. The visit had a profound affect on him. It changed his life forever… click here for more on this story!