I came to New Realm Acupuncture Center for tendonitis of the elbow. I’ve had tendonitis of the elbow problems for several years.

I have tried ibuprofen and exercise to no avail. I have had several shots of corticosteroid injections which last only about 6 months and may have potentially damaging side effects.

After having acupuncture for a few months the pain started to decrease. (WITH NO POTENTIAL DAMAGING SIDE EFFECTS!)

I am now able to functions in a normal manner without pain, like shaking people’s hand, open a bottle of pop, hold a coffee cup, etc.

I would highly recommend New Realm Acupuncture Center to anyone with Tendonitis.


Joseph Browett


For almost eleven months, I had been having chronic pain in my Achilles tendons in my ankles. I play tennis quite often, on the varsity tennis team in high school and recreationally. The pain kept getting worse, especially during tennis season when I was playing two and three hour matches every day. I tried going to the conventional doctor, and they gave me stretches and told me to use Advil, but instead of getting better, my ankles got worse. My mom suggested that I try acupuncture, so I did. Just after a few short weeks (only 8 visits !!!), my ankles are so much better and I can go back to playing tennis again.

Thank you so much!

Rachel Yoho