Five Sense Organs

Five Sense Organs

By Nancy Offers

Nancy B. Offers
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Newark, Ohio 43055
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My name is Nancy Offers from Newark, Ohio.

I came to New Realm about 6 month ago because of ping in my mouth after cancer surgery in 2003. The cancer was on my tongue, tonsil and at the back of my mouth. After the first surgery, I had radiation treatment. In 2004 I had another surgery/biopsy and was found clean. In 2005 had another surgery/biopsy and cancer was found again. This time they removed ¼ of my tongue on the left side. Had my 4th surgery/biopsy in 2006 and again was found to be clean.

This caused the nerves to be cut which caused more pain then before. A friend of mine suggested that I try New Realm. She and her mother went to Dr. GAO and his wife Jing and were very happy with them. I wanted to find something besides pills and pain management injections (which did not work). Dr. GAO and Jing gave me a new way to management my pain.

When I first went to him I was really nervous, so nervous, that I was freezing cold. I hate needles, but he told me that I would not feel the needles as they were very thin. He was right. The only thing I felt was his hand on my face, ankles, hands and arms when he inserted the needles.

At first I was going three times a week, then twice a week, now just once per month. The pain is not gone totally but it is manageable now. Before the treatments, I could hardy eat or drink anything because it hurt too badly. Now I can eat almost anything (except really spicy foods) and can drink anything I want without much pain. I know that the pain will never be gone completely but with Dr. GAO and Jing’s help, I will be able to management it.

Have no fear about this wonderful procedure. It really can help. I know because it has helped me.

God bless Dr. Gao and his beautiful wife, Jing.

Nancy Offers