By Diann Casagrande (Registered Nurse)

I have fribromyalgis. My symptoms are worse in the fall and winter months. I started getting acupuncture from New Realm Acupuncture in November, 2003. after several treatments over 3 months, I felt so good, that by March, I was pretty much pain-free. I really thought that I was done with the pain for good. Unfortunately, my pain did not stay away forever. I realize that this disease will always be with me, but acupuncture remains a major player in controlling my pain and keeping me functioning as a full time nurse, wife, and mother.

As a health care provider I am often asked about alternative medicine practices. I think that acupuncture definitely has a place for the management of pain as well as improving other symptoms related to many different illnesses. With acupuncture, I no longer use medication. In order to keep my symptoms at a minimum; exercise, eating a balanced diet, positive thinking, and intermittent acupuncture treatments are all part of my continuing plan for staying well and pain-free.

Thanks, Dr Gao and Jing for all the compassion, listening, and caring that I receive along with my acupuncture treatment every time that I visit!



Diann Casagrande (Registered Nurse)


By Karen Smith

I am 52 years old and have been receiving treatments from New Realm Acupuncture for about 3 years. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago, never receiving any help or relief through traditional medicine. Most of the time I was told it was in my head and that I needed to see a counselor for depression to find the underlying causes of my depression which, in their mind was causing my pain.

My daughter was away at school in Boston and called one day all excited because they had an acupuncture demonstration in a class. She was the volunteer for the treatment. She said “Mom, I think you need to try it, I think it would help”. I figured I had nothing to lose, but was not going to be able to go to Boston for treatment. I email the acupuncturist there and he recommended New Realm Acupuncture.

It took several treatments, since I have had the problem for so many years, but the results are wonderful. I no longer have to have my husband massage my back every night, I am no longer crying because my whole body is throbbing and aching all day everyday. I still deal with a small amount of aching, but not near the intensity I have had for years.

When I have come in for treatment and have had other problem, Ear ache, stomach problems, sinus, stress, etc. I mention them to New Realm Acupuncture and they address them with good results every time.

I was a little nervous on my first visit not knowing what to expect and fearful that the needles were going to hurt. I was truly amazed after that first visit, the needles were not painful at all and I felt like there was definitely something changing in my system. There have even been times where I have fallen asleep on the table during my treatment!

With each visit I feel less and less pain and have more energy. I feel I have finally gotten relief from the fibromyalgia and am happy that I have been able to do so without drugs and the side effects that go with them.


Karen Smith